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High quality modern handicraft, Afghanistans traditions today!

Creative and committed artisans strengthen local living economy with us. 

Re-imagine Afghanistan with us, and be part of a different story, making business the leading edge of social change.




We tackle root causes for migration locally. Our partners strengthen local living economy and creative growth. Together we create real opportunity on the ground, to stay where home is.

We cultivate conditions for social change. We create spaces for conversations, connectivity and creative ways forward.


We care for planet and people. For local and natural. We make a difference, step by step.


Every purchase matters. Each of your purchases empowers a girls´ future. Education is key.


Daniela Damm & Kabul Leather Shop

Leather bag designer Daniela Damm joined hands with us and the Kabul Leather Shop early 2015. She brings a unique combination of artistry, curiosity and commitment to making a difference with her work we trusted right from the beginning.


Mr. Kachaloo

We care for your wellbeing, and a little indulge. That’s why we use local and regional ingredients, with no added nonsense.

Of the region for the region. We strengthen local production chains and job creation. Support local living economy in the most delicious way!

Coming soon

Meet the latest additions of our leather bag collection, designed and made by Daniela Damm Frankfurt and Kabul Leather Shop:

SONO and JOVA – two flexible all-rounders for your tablets, phones, the this&that of life, as purse, clutch or bag-in-bag for your most important and unimportant favorites.


Coming Soon

AARO – a sporty and classy backpack for women and men


Meet the Founders


“MADE IN Afghanistan emerged between us, between cultures, contexts, ideas. We know the power of stories, of people who join hands to make a difference, and of compelling visions in moments of crisis and difficulty. MADE IN Afghanistan illuminates the hidden gems in traditional crafts and a fresh breeze of modern design. 2 years in, MADE IN Afghanistan is an award winning growing label selling high quality locally made potato chips and an expanding collection of exquisite leather bags.

Stay tuned for more goodness to come from Afghanistan!”


Creativity and connectivity is what enables and strengthens social change in societies in crisis. Its the ancient silk road that keeps inspiring us and the work we do. The silk road breaking new ground…

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