MADE IN Afghanistan featuring Kabul Leather Shop and Daniela Damm Frankfurt 

Discover a blend of contemporary modern design and afghan traditional leather craft!

Leather bag designer Daniela Damm joined hands with us and the Kabul Leather Shop early 2015. She brings a unique combination of artistry, curiosity and commitment to making a difference with her work we trusted right from the beginning. Together with the Kabul Leather Shop we are on a creative endeavor across styles, cultures and contexts ever since. Check out our leather bag collection, made in Afghanistan, and be an ambassador of a different story about Afghanistan.


Daniela Damm

Frankfurt based Daniela Damm is passionate about high quality impact. Her fine leather craft inspire the first leather bag collection of MADE IN Afghanistan. Watch out for more to come from this collaboration, creativity is accelerated when we are with her!

Kabul Leather Shop

High quality leather craft is what we saw first. Then we met Wali jan and his business more closely, run by his family since generation. We joined hands right then, exploring afghan traditional leather craft in a blend with modern design. Discover Afghanistan through this unique lens with us!


Delicious local potato chips
 Mr. Kachaloo

Delicious potato chips, made in Kabul!

We care for your wellbeing, and a little indulge. That’s why we use local and regional ingredients, with no added nonsense. 

Of the region for the region. We strengthen local production chains and job creation. Support local living economy in the most delicious way!

Website and facebook is on its way.

Ahmad Jawid Noori
Kabul +93 (0) 700 24 75 61