Nina Nisar
Co-founder and Creative Director - Germany

Nina knows the power and limitations of people creating what they want to see in the world. Working with both is her gift as a Facilitator and Conflict Coach. Part of her work focuses on systemic work in social innovation and community development through dialogue and collaborative action. She is passionate about beautiful products making a difference.

Mahmood Nisar
Co-Founder and Business Development – Germany and Afghanistan

Mahmood was born and raised in Afghanistan, and had to leave his home land later, building a new home in Germany. After having met Nina and the political opening of Afghanistan, he focused his energy on rebuilding his relationship with his home land, brought the largest international student organization AIESEC to Afghanistan and founded the Barna Group. He is a consultant to the German foreign ministry today, just one of the many ways he is living his passion of building bridges between cultures and ideas, for societies to flourish.

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Hasena Bahij
Fashion Designer – Germany and Afghanistan

Hasina is a fashion designer, born in Afghanistan and living in Germany since she is 7 years old. She is the creative fashionista in our team, driven by connecting east and west, a passion deeply rooted in her being. Two cultures in her suitcase, her creations are contemporary, with a shining touch of her home countries traditions.

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Jaweed Noori
Project Accelerator – Afghanistan

Jaweed is our trusted project manager in Kabul, chief of Logistics and Legal Issues of the Barna Group and key person in our Startup Mr. Kachaloo. Educated in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Jaweed has an entrepreneurial background as fashion designer for female clothing with his own shop in Kabul.

Sadaf Zahir
Project Accelerator – Afghanistan

Sadaf is our project manager and creative assistant in Kabul. With a bachelor in filmmaking, most of her creative work has been in the media sector, working with local cooperations, and also as producer of her own films, nominated at the International women's film festival in Herat. She is also a passionate and experienced photographer.