Together we create real opportunity to stay.


Afghanistan is an exciting and troubled region. And one that catches peoples curiosity: What are the root causes for the ongoing crisis people have to live with, and for the current migration?

Our partners are curious and courageous enough to act: We are working with committed local designers worldwide who join hands with afghan craftspeople and together create stunning products, contemporary style rooted in a rich tradition.

We know one thing: there is immense strength, beauty and creativity in the afghan people. We see the incredible talent of crafts people, and also the problems they are having connecting with bigger markets and buyers. Craft skills are extremely important, craft being the second biggest employer in most developing economies after agriculture.

Despite the immense challenges, there is a young generation wanting to have their voices heard and shape the future of their home county. It is our commitment to work with those, support their entrepreneurial spirit and human uprising, and create alternatives to the lack of perspective.


We cultivate conditions for social change.

With the label MADE IN Afghanistan we strengthen local living economy, contributing to societal stability towards a more peaceful future.
It is our commitment to build relation between Afghanistan and the world through products and stories. It is our believe that it is education and job opportunities that generate humane and societal resilience. It is the financial stability generated through ones own hands and capacities work that not only tackles root causes of societies in crisis, but also gives a sense of dignity and pride to each individual.
We are here to illuminate and support the inherent strength, beauty and capacity for an authentic flourishing afghan way forward. 

We believe in the power of the countries inherent diversity. We collaborate with pioneering initiatives, courageous individuals and longstanding institutions to foster economic stability, planet and human centered practices and collaboration towards a brighter future, in Afghanistan and the region.


We care for planet and people.
For local and natural.

We make a difference, step by step. We aim at making the best choices for both people and planet in all our decisions, and be a committed actor in the uprising of a local movement towards sustainable and human centered practices.

We care for local and natural, for hand made and high quality, and given the demand for unique handmade pieces, where how products are made matters to the buyers, it is our approach to connect makers and buyers. There is a story behind all our products. We sell high quality products, local beauty, and help you invest in someone’s business.


Education is key. Every purchase matters.

We pay it forward. A part of every purchase go to empowering young women in Afghanistan to step up to the game and make an impact in their society.