BY AFGHANS, FOR AFGHANS Delicious potato chips made in Afghanistan

We are excited to be featured in the current Tea after Twelve magazine, illuminating our entrepreneurial story with Mr. Kachaloo and the vision behind it. Here´s to Holger Heinze for making this possible, we love working with you!

"While international troops withdraw, the Taliban are still active and tribal conflict continues in the villages: Afghanistan and its people are still far from peace and security. And yet there are small signs that the situation is improving. While many could only afford to buy the barest necessities during the war years, potato chips made in Afghanistan are now making inroads into the markets. What makes them so special is that the local Mr Kachaloo brand is not only creating jobs; it is also uniting people from hostile tribes.

Two tons – an impressive total of 2,000 kilograms – of Mr Kachaloo potato chips are sold each month at Afghanistan’s bazars and shops, and the local chip company is struggling to keep up with demand. The small red bags have only been on the market since 2015, but the three flavours available, salted, paprika and lemon, seem to appeal to local taste buds and have become a favourite snack to take on the road.

The fact that Mr Kachaloo got o! the ground at all is pretty amazing, given that the market was flooded with products from foreign companies with Pepsico in the lead (yes, Coca Cola’s biggest competitor). Local potato chip producers did not stand a chance against such sti! competition, until Mr Kachaloo came along and successfully challenged
the multinational corporation."

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Nina Nisar